A glimpse into the future of marketing?

QR code in the Shanghai sky created by 1,500 drones
QR code in the Shanghai sky created by 1,500 drones
1,500 drones create QR codes in the Shanghai sky. Photo courtesy of Bilibili

Last week, Chinese company Bilibily launched drones into the Shanghai skyline, creating a huge scannable QR code with a link to their game. Why is this a brilliant idea? And what does it tell us about the future of marketing?

The Basics of Marketing

Marketing, in its essence, is an attempt to attract people to your product. There are two main purposes to this:

  • Attracting new customers to your offering
  • Retaining customers

Attracting customers is the most time and resource-demanding part of the marketing mission. The premise is to convert potential customers into actual customers that you can monetize further down the road. The…

How a giant, obnoxious panda propelled this Egyptian brand to international stardom

A panda confronts a father and son in the dairy aisle of a grocery store
A panda confronts a father and son in the dairy aisle of a grocery store
Screenshot from YouTube

A number of years ago, a relatively small cheese brand launched a marketing campaign featuring a giant panda. The ads were an instant hit among Egyptians, and the campaign got international recognition. I am Egyptian and was aware of the campaign, but you can imagine my surprise when I showed up to a digital marketing class at The George Washington University to find the ads being shown in class. So how did this company reach marketing classrooms around the world and garner so much attention?

Before we get into this article, I recommend you watch the ads so you understand…

How to get started in the obscure and complicated world of data analytics. Hint: It’s easier than you might think.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Data analytics can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal. Whether you own a small business or if you’re at a larger company. Using data analytics can help you improve your profitability, be more streamlined, and even improve your products. If you are interested in learning more about how analytics can help your workflow, here is another article I wrote about the topic. But for now, let’s imagine that you’ve already taken the decision, what are some of the steps you should take in order to get started?

Do I really need to learn how to code?

The obvious answer to this question is simply no. There are…

We are all inundated with data these days, companies especially. Many of them don’t know how to use it, they’re leaving money on the table.

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

For the longest time, people have relied on their experience to make business decisions. In times when getting a holistic view of a business was very difficult, that was okay. You had to rely on your knowledge from being there day in, day out, for years. Now, we have that same information from years past at our fingertips. So why aren’t more people using it? Why are managers okay losing out on the benefits that data analytics can bring to them? All while seeking smaller gains in other avenues.

Why should I care?

Simply put, knowledge is power. Think about what you know now…

How to gather information about your followers, and how to download all of their tweets.

Whether you are creating a Twitter bot for the fun of it, or if you’re using it as a web-scraping tool, it’s important to know how to gather information on users. There is no malicious content here, everything we are gathering is available through Twitter’s API, so just to be clear, this is legal. Some of the information won’t be available for all users because they have not made it available.

So for this tutorial, we are going to be creating functions that allow us to get information on the users that we choose. And how we can download all…

How you can write a simple Python script so that your followers think you’re much more active than you actually are.

I personally love Twitter, but I have difficulties following up with the platform. Like most people I know, I am just a ghost on there, scrolling endlessly through but never actually posting anything. A few months ago, I started using Twitter again, and retweeting heavily during live sporting events such as Formula 1 and Football games. So I decided to create a bot that will do it for me, and here’s how you can too.

Building a Twitter bot is not the most complicated task you can undertake, that’s why it’s a great project for beginners to take on. You…

Youssef Ragab

Recent graduate from the George Washington University with knowledge in business analytics and marketing. I have a passion for coding and learning new skills.

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